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"We have been working with Blazooks for over three years now. The work is second to none. I rarely come across people in the business that are so dedicated to their craft."

"Really solid work, very professional. Excellent web designer and very forward thinking in creating additional designs."

"Very helpful. If you're looking for a web designer who is adept at SEO, these are definitely the guys for the job."

Barbara Nark

"I would definitely recommend Blazooks Web Design & SEO if you need a new website or want to improve an existing site."

Daniel Joseph

These guys have given me a ton of advice related to online marketing, web design, and search engine optimization.

Larry Mazza

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Your SEO Rates?
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It’s not that we don't want to answer this question. We do! But it's just too hard to give a general answer because every situation is different. Our price depends on the scope of work needed to get your website ranking.

If you're not ready to jump in fully, then the SEO Trial is a good place to start. This allows you to test drive some of our service offerings before committing yourself completely as a long term client. To learn more about the SEO Trial just book your free discovery call today!

Is SEO the only thing you do?
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Our team is entirely dedicated to ranking your website at the top of google. We are talented at web design and development, but we don't offer basic web design services at this time. That's because our goal is to get you more traffic from search engines, not just make your website look pretty.

What is an SEO Trial?
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We know that not everyone is ready for a long term commitment to working with a new SEO company. That's why we offer our One Month SEO Trial. The trial gives you the chance to test the waters and see if you want to commit long-term. If you don't like what we've done in one month, no problem! We'll go our separate ways and part as friends.

How Long Will It Take Before I See Results?
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There are many factors that influence this time frame—the current quality of your site, how competitive your industry is, how good your exisiting content is, etc. We'll work with these variables when forming our strategy so that we can give an accurate estimate on when we expect changes in rankings. Set up a free discovery call to get started.

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